Everywhere But Home

News and musings from wherever my crazy life takes me. My body may be back in Illinois, but at least for now, my mind is still in Mongolia.

More on Mongolia

Looking for information on Mongolia? Perhaps these sites may be of service to you!

  • Bolor-Toli – online Mongolian-English dictionary. Also allows you to type in Cyrillic if your computer doesn’t have that option.
  • Language learning resources – frankly, there aren’t many. But:
    • Byki – computerized flashcards with recordings of pronunciation. The free version is limited but has a handful of useful phrases. The Deluxe version allows you to add your own word lists.
    • Textbooks – the Сайн Байна Уу? books are widely recognized as the best, though I’m not sure where best to obtain them.
  • Facebook
    • Expats in Mongolia FB page – a great resource for specific questions best put to a large group. Where can I buy XYZ? Anyone know anyone working on pollution research? Ask, and these folks will deliver. If you’re moving here, I would highly advise joining. I would also advise promptly disabling most of the notifications, as people are always posting, and there is a fair amount of squabbling among members.
    • Buy, Swap, Sell, & Give Away- expats come and go, but most don’t want to take all their goods with them. A good place to find secondhand goods and scout out what you can buy after you arrive.
    • UB Rooms and Apartments for Rent – exactly what it sounds like.
  • More expat blogs

More to come as I find more things to add.

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