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Little(r) Me


Per a request made by Polly (fellow second-world TEFL-er, though she’s in Russia, and my most frequent commenter), I present to you: images of my childhood. Though my seventeen-year career as a (very bad) gymnast undoubtedly furnished us with plenty of equivalents to the fabulously disgruntled Pollerina photos she posted, they exist only in the photo albums in my basement back home. There they shall remain unless my mother takes it upon herself to share them with the world. Mom, if you’re reading this: please, be merciful.

Dad holding newborn me and Bailey, the ever-living, always grumpy cat. She lived to be 21 and carried grudging memories of me as a toddler until she went senile at the age of 17 or so. After that, she liked me a lot more.

Halloween or the release of the 4th Harry Potter book. Both are equally likely.

I may only have caught the last few months of the eighties, but they’re clearly in full swing here.

Apparently I liked Beauty and the Beast. And my baby brother. At that age, we called him “Buddha Boy.”
























All my other pictures are in an un-uploadable format, evidently, or they also feature my brother. As the adorable younger brother you see here is now a 6’4″ Marine, I think I’ve embarrassed him enough for one day.

You wouldn't catch me dead in that color anymore, but I haven't lost the halo.

You wouldn’t catch me dead in that color anymore, but I haven’t lost the halo.


Author: everywherebuthome

Linguist. Fulbright English Teaching Assistant. Expat in Mongolia. Writer. Scout, dancer, gymnast, equestrienne.

3 thoughts on “Little(r) Me

  1. The formatting on this, alas, seems to have gone all screwy, but I’ll have to fix that at a later date. Out of internet time at the moment. Readers not among Polly’s readership, I pass her challenge on to you: childhood pictures, please!

  2. Aw, lovely :) And I’ve started this!!!
    We also had a grumpy cat.
    And I’ve got a picture of my baby bro IN A DRESS, which I’m saving for a special occasion, mmmwhaaaawh!

  3. This is amazing! I will accept the picture of you as a nun instead of other awkward sporty outfits.

    Also, your Buddha brother is soooo cute!

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