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Enough About Me – What About You?


Through some form of unknown witchery, Internet connectivity here seems to be directly dependent on the weather; when the weather is bad, it’s all I can do to get WordPress to load, much less to upload complex content. Since Mongolia has chosen to overlook the minor detail that it is almost June and serve up this weather, today’s post will be rather brief.


So instead of harping on about the snow again, I’d like to ask some questions of you, dear readers. In the past week, my blog has gotten about twice as many hits as it previously averaged, and I have no idea what caused that spike. WordPress continues to list Facebook as my top referrer, so I know that most of my readership is composed of friends and family following my blog from home. And a glance through the search terms reveals that to a certain extent, my blog has begun to fill a small part of the void in the Internet’s knowledge of Mongolia. Search terms like “mongol airag drink made,” “how to pleat mongolian buuz” and “khorgoo volcano” bring people here because there just isn’t that much out there on the subject (in English, anyway).

But in the past week alone, I’ve gotten hits from places like Morocco, Moldova, Japan, and Trinidad and Tobago, and I doubt people on tropical islands are that interested in the way people in the Land of Always Winter prepare steamed mutton dumplings.

So please, indulge my curiosity. If you’re reading this and I’ve never met you in real life, what brought you to my blog? How did this little project come to be read (or at least visited) by people on five continents?


Author: everywherebuthome

Linguist. Fulbright English Teaching Assistant. Expat in Mongolia. Writer. Scout, dancer, gymnast, equestrienne.

8 thoughts on “Enough About Me – What About You?

  1. I was a PCV in Mongolia from 09-11 (M19) posted in Murun, Khuvsgul. I’m currently living in Beijing, China doing much the same things I did in Mongolia. I came across your blog when I started mine and did a simple search on Mongolia. I enjoy your posts, they remind me of my trials and triumphs during my service. Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks! Even though I’m not Peace Corps, I spend so much time with PCVs that I probably talk like one. And obviously the experience of teaching here is pretty similar regardless of which grant or organization brought you here. Though I have to say I’m very jealous of the training the PCVs get, even if their salary is pretty pitiful. How do you find teaching abroad outside the Peace Corps umbrella?
      And Khuvsgul’s on my list of places to hit this summer. Any advice on visiting that area?

      • Living abroad outside the Peace Corps umbrella can be difficult. I never realized how much I depended on things like the Medical Officer, and the other PCVs for friendship. But there are a lot more choices available to me now. I make more money, get to choose where I want to live, and can afford to travel and do more.
        Khuvsgul is absolutely beautiful, especially the lake area. I recommend a horse-back ride in the lake area (the town of Khuvsgul) And if you’re going to be in Murun, go to the Dul hotel and try their cinnamon rolls, they’re heavenly.

  2. Do you know, I haven’t got a clue how I found your blog. I think it was linked as “something other people liked” in the sidebar to my reader. I find it fascinating to get a glimpse of your life and learn more about a country I honestly had absolutely no knowledge of. So that’s an explanation for one of your UK hits at any rate :)

    • Huh! I’m curious what sort of overlap inspired WordPress to recommend me to you. I know some of my readers in Ireland but haven’t spent much time (and don’t many people) in the UK. Hope you’re enjoying what you’ve found, however you got here!

  3. Thank you for your blog. My wife and I are moving to UB in a couple months and it is so hard to find relevant and current information. We are starting a language program offered on Infomongolia, but your language information will be useful as well. Thanks again, David

    • Glad to be of service! Let me know if you have any specific questions. I’ll be adding a page with links to other helpful sites in the near future as well, since that quest seems to have brought several people to this blog.

  4. I linked from my daughter’s blog “A Girl and Her Travels”. I enjoy your writing!

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