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Cooking Chronicles, part the first

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my adventures in cooking with limited equipment (a rice cooker and an electric wok and a tea kettle, to be precise) have been met with… limited success.

Attempt #1: Scrambled eggs and hash browns in the wok. Success: not really. The wok skips straight from browning to burning, even on its lowest setting. The second time I made these, I alternated between turning the wok on “low” (500 W) and turning it off. This worked somewhat better, but I still had black spots.

Attempt #2: Stew. Success: again, not really. The onions and the roux still burned, and even though I used quite a bit of flour, the stew refused to thicken very much.

Attempt #3: Бутаатай хураг – stir fry. Success: yes. Making something with a little water in the bottom of the wok makes a big difference in my ability not to burn things. Pity that makes browning more or less impossible. Also, duly noted: cabbage takes longer than I thought it would to cook.

Attempt #4: Potatoes Colcannon. Success: yes. The recipe instructed me to boil potatoes, cabbage, and onions separately (the onions in milk), but I skipped the onions and just threw the potatoes and cabbage together. Worked just fine.Next time I’ll use more cabbage and garlic and add onions. And I’ll do a better job of draining the cabbage. 

Attempt #5: Rice cooker bread. Success: not exactly. The bread didn’t rise very much when I put the cooker in the sun, so I put it on warm. This started cooking the bread, which was not what I was looking for, so I turned it off and let it sit some more. When I did put it on cook, it burned the bottom of the bread within five minutes. The dough was thick, chewy, and delicious, but the cooking method still leaves something to be desired.


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