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I have an address!

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This is a big deal, people. You have no idea how long it took me to learn the address at which I can be reached. It sounds incredible to us western folk, but Mongolians don’t use mailing addresses. Culturally, I suppose it makes sense; the Mongolians are historically a nomadic people. Heck, a third of the populations still lives in gers, even some of the city-dwellers. My roommate’s parents, for instance.

For those of you too lazy to do your own wikipedia/google image search, this Australian expat’s blog is a great illustrated explanation: http://tanyavok.blogspot.com/2011/01/ger.html

But anywho, the point of this post. Supposedly, I can receive mail if you send it to me at my school. Thus, my mailing address (which should be written in both English and Cyrillic, apparently) is:

Vocational School of Agriculture
Orkhan Aimag, postal box 986

Орхон Аймаг 
Хөдөө Аж Ахуйн Мэргэжил Сургалт Үйлдвэрлэлийн Төв
Шуудангийн хайрцаг: 986

Obviously, please put my name on there too.

This is not intended as a shameless plug for mail, but if you want to write me letters, I’d be delighted to receive them.


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