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We interrupt the promised programming to bring you…

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… a summary of my stay of Europe (thus far) in glace.

As previously explained, Europeans have different taste in, well, just about everything, and this includes ice cream. They tend toward fruit flavors, which are almost exclusively sorbets, and which are distinct from crème glacée. And they like different fruit flavors, too.

Since my arrival in France, I have tasted:

  • Chocolat noir (Côte d’Or makes a spectacular one with choclate that’s 70% cocoa)
  • Pistache
  • Banane
  • Cérise griotte (cherry)
  • Abricot (it’s a shame they don’t make apricot sorbet in America, because it is delicious)
  • Cassis (black currant, a local specialty. I’ve also had crème de cassis, moûtarde de cassis, confiture de cassis… it’s everywhere, and it’s wonderful).
  • Noix de coco (coconut)
  • Fraise (strawberry)
  • Frambroise (raspberry)
  • Poire
  • Rubarb
  • Orange sanguine (blood orange)
  • Mangue
  • Pêche de vigne (literally translates as “peach of the vine,” but it’s pink, so I think it’s plum)
  • Pain d’épices (gingerbread of sorts, another local specialty)
  • Abricot roumarin (apricot with rosemary; only had a few licks of someone else’s, but it was interesing)
  • Citron basilic (lemon and basil; very refreshing at first, but the basil got to be a little overpowering)
  • Mangue épicé (spiced mango. Mostly mango, not much spice that I could decipher)
  • Fraises à la provençale (strawberry with olive oil, mint, and basil. Bizarre but wonderful)

On the list of flavors yet to try: groseille (red currant), pomme vert (green apple), caramel au beurre salé, and possibly frambroise violet or miel pignons (honey and pine nuts). The place with all the really interesting flavors also has pamplemousse rose, but I’m not sure if that’s pink grapefruit or grapefruit and rose.

I realize that that’s an awfully long list, but I have been here almost six weeks. Plus it’s hot and Europe doesn’t have air conditioning. So we have to cool off somehow. And this is the most delicious way to do it.

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Linguist. Fulbright English Teaching Assistant. Expat in Mongolia. Writer. Scout, dancer, gymnast, equestrienne.

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