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News and musings from wherever my crazy life takes me. My body may be back in Illinois, but at least for now, my mind is still in Mongolia.

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I should probably be doing homework at the moment, but I’m in desperate need of sleep and can’t really think straight at the moment. Not to mention that my thoughts are starting to come out in bizarre multilingual constructions (no specific examples come to mind at the moment, but it’s usually English structure and nouns with French verbs and prepositions). So here, in no particular order, is a bit of what’s buzzing around in my head:

  • I need to track down a broom. My floor is dirty and my room is a lot messier than you’d think possible based on the amount of stuff I have with me.
  • I was told by two different people today that my French isn’t very good. That was kind of depressing.
  • At least the waiter was kind enough to phrase it, “Je vois que vous n’êtes pas de la région, donc je parlerai doucement,” (I see you’re from this region, so I will speak slowly) instead of “you’re an American.”
  • I still haven’t figured out how to take the “American” sticker off my forehead. Maybe by the end of our six weeks here?
  • I used the word “effrayant” in a sentence last week, only to be told it wasn’t a word. Au contrair, brought to you compliments of Word Reference:

effrayant~e /efʀɛjɑ̃/ /ɑ̃t/
adjective[sight, ugliness] frightening;
[thinness, paleness] dreadful.

  • So there.
  • I really wish we could adjust the shower temperature. Or that we were allowed to shower after 11 pm. Because now it’s 11:22 and I want to take a shower, please.
  • We went to a wine tasting in Beaune last Friday that really deserves its own post when I have the time/energy/brainpower to devote to it.
  • I also really wish that the windows had screens so that I cold study with the window open at night. It gets kinda hot in here with the window closed, but if I open it I will be swarmed by little reddish-brown gnat-like things. Most pleasant.
  • Apparently, I work more efficiently when my room is clean. And cleaning helps to get me in the mood to work. Especially if it is accomplished by dancing around my room to blues music.
  • One of these days I will leave my door open while cleaning my room so that people can see me dancing. I want to see their reactions.
  • Except not Babo’s. The guy in the room next store has told me that I’m nice and that I’m pretty in the two or three conversations we’ve had. They’re really awkward because he’s from Guinea and his accent is very different, so I have to ask him to repeat everything two or three or four times.
  • I really ought to buy that dress I found at the market. One, so I can wear it and tell people I bought it in France if they ask; two, because it’s pretty; three, because it’s cheap (20E); four, because the euro’s down to $1.19. Thank you, Greece!
  • Bread + noir pâté à tartiner (dark chocolate spread; like nutella, but darker and without the hazelnuts) + confiture de cassis (black currant jam) = a little slice of heaven.


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Linguist. Fulbright English Teaching Assistant. Expat in Mongolia. Writer. Scout, dancer, gymnast, equestrienne.

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