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News and musings from wherever my crazy life takes me. My body may be back in Illinois, but at least for now, my mind is still in Mongolia.


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… pertaining to Pavillon Macard des Résidences Mansart, l’Université de Bourgogne:

  1. Why can’t Miami have these kinds of locks, with which you must insert the key from outside (or turn a bolt from the inside) of the door, thus making it impossible for you to lock yourself out?
  2. Why don’t the doors have peepholes?
  3. Why do we have to bring our own toilet paper to the bathrooms?
  4. Why can’t we take showers after 11 pm?
  5. Why have I been logged off of the WiFi four times in the past few hours?
  6. Why is there a McDonald’s within easy walking distances, but no real cafés?
  7. Why do all the sandwiches in the vending machine contain mayonnaise?
  8. Why do the Americans have a reputation for being loud and obnoxious when the the people running through the quad shrieking last night (at midnight) were very clearly French?
  9. Why have college-aged boys not yet learned to go to the bathroom without getting pee all over the toilet and the floor?

Author: everywherebuthome

Linguist. Fulbright English Teaching Assistant. Expat in Mongolia. Writer. Scout, dancer, gymnast, equestrienne.

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